How do we work?

As your independent financial advisers, our job is to understand your individual circumstances, needs and desires, then interpret them to find the right combination of financial products to meet your requirements.

So, we’ll start by addressing questions that seem simple on the face of it but can have profound implications when you think about them. Do I have enough money now? Will I have enough in the future? What will happen to it after I’m gone? How can I be sure my money’s in the right place? Then we’ll provide the answers, which could include investments, estate and inheritance tax planning, retirement and pension advice and other services.

Above all, we never forget it’s your life and your money. We’re here to take away worry and anxiety – and as specialists in ethical, sustainable and social impact investments, we can help you align your financial objectives with your personal principles and values.

Who we are

Practice principal Nanette Strover began her financial services career in 1999 as an independent financial adviser, working alongside the tax dept in a London accountancy firm. She joined established sole practitioner (and long-time family friend) Hubert Child as a joint director in 2012, formally taking over the business on his retirement in 2015.

Under Nanette’s leadership, Hubert Child is staying true to its founder’s attitudes, approach and vision, as well as his name. We’re committed to building lasting relationships with our clients, and we’re proud that the vast majority have come to us by personal recommendation. Continuity and trust are vital when you’re planning for the future: we’re delighted that many of Hubert’s original clients remain with us after more than 20 years – and increasingly, we have the pleasure of advising their children and grandchildren, too. In spanning the generations, we’ve extended our reach far beyond London and the South East and now have clients in all parts of the UK.

My Qualifications include Diploma in Financial Planning, Securities advice and dealing, Life and Pensions, Long term care insurance and Graduate in Impact Investment (Adviser Competency Training provided by Worthstone). 

Nanette Strover